I organize events not only online but also in various locations across Japan.

I want to create a world where people can feel ‘the hope for tomorrow’ rather than a world where people think ‘the depression of today’ I want young people around the world to have an opportunity to have hope. There have been a lot of tragedy events happening all over the world these days. Each person’s feeling of happiness and excitement for the future will give the world the energy of aspiration for tomorrow. ​

It is important to think about the future 10 or 100 years from now. But first of all, I want many people to live happily TOMORROW. I have shared this message in all of my events and speak-ups, and have conveyed it in many places.

I deal with many topics in the events such as philosophy, life planning, finance, and emotions. I hope that the event will teach you something and give you the confidence to live your life.

Philosophy gives you the power to think, and life planning and finance give you the power to live realistically. And from emotions, we can see the love of others and the heart of forgiveness.

What I value is “dialogue” Exchanging words and dialogue is a step toward change that everyone can make. Real words can change people. People can change the world.