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What is Miss Teen International?

Miss Teen International is an International Pageant teen contest with a history of over 40 years in the United States. It is developed to empower today’s teenage girls aged 13 to 18. It is an opportunity for women around the world to collaborate with others and become positive role models. This competition places more emphasis on internal aspects such as social contribution and personality, rather than external aspects such as dress and fitness judging.

If I became a title holder (winner), I will be able to work mainly in the United States for a year. By becoming the title holder (winner), people all over the world will listen to my words and actions. AND, in the United States , where blonde hair and blue eyes have always been the beauty standard , winning as an Asian born gives hope to society and to dreaming girls all over the world. Winning this competition will have great meaning for me to become a person who can play an active role in the world, starting in the United States. At this point, Asians still face prejudice and may not be properly judged in these world-standard beauty pageants.

In 2023, Michelle Yeoh became the first Asian to win the Best Actress Award at the Academy Awards, giving courage to all who dream of her success in the world. She showed us that WE CAN SHINE, where discrimination against Asians still remains deep-rooted, and in the world. She proved that you can shine even if you are considered a minority.

I want to be like that too. I want to be an opportunity for people around the world to think, “I can do it, too.”

Although there are financial difficulties, I have a ticket to the world competition and I have a clear idea of what I want to accomplish.

I don’t want to give up.

That’s why I decided to try crowdfunding. ​

For over two years, I have shared this message in all of my events and speak-ups, and have conveyed it in many places.

I want to create a world where people can feel ‘the hope for tomorrow’ rather than a world where people think ‘the depression of today’ I want young people around the world to have an opportunity to have hope. There have been a lot of tragedy events happening all over the world these days. Each person’s feeling of happiness and excitement for the future will give the world the energy of aspiration for tomorrow.

In my speak-ups, I appeal for the education of young people, the prevention of child abuse, and the advancement of women in society. I aim to realize a society where everyone can play an active role regardless of their circumstances or background.

Although it is an abstract message, I want each person to live the life they want and create a society where they can do so.

I believe that one of my purpose on this earth is to give many people the opportunity to live their own lives.

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